Alexa/Google Compatible Wi-Fi LED Controllers – Join the Smart Crowd!


If you’ve discovered all the glory of LED strip lights, you’ll be even more impressed with our Alexa/Google Assistant compatible Wi-Fi LED controllers. These compact controllers are available for single-color, RGB, or RGBW LED strip lights. Tired of looking for remotes? Just tell your Amazon Echo or Google Home device what you want to happen. Whether that’s turning them on or off, changing brightness, or choosing a color, you have basic control at the tip of your tongue.

If talking isn’t your thing, simply use the Smart Life, Alexa, or Google Home app to control your strip lights. All apps let you access basic controls as well as additional features, such as scheduling, timers, and conditional programming. Sound-activated colors, custom color creation, and scene (mode) creation or presets are specific to the Smart Life app. App features are dependent upon which LED strip light you have. Here’s a quick run down:

Single-Color Wi-Fi LED Controller:
Change brightness
Set schedules and timers
Create conditional (if/then) commands/actions



RGB Wi-Fi LED Controller:
Change color, brightness, and saturation
Choose custom colors from the color wheel
Sync lights to phone music
Select preset color scenes (modes), and edit to create your own
Set schedules and timers
Create conditional (if/then) commands/actions



RGBW Wi-Fi LED Controller:
Change color, brightness, or select pure white
Choose custom colors from the color wheel
Select preset color scenes (modes), and edit to create your own
Set schedules and timers
Create conditional (if/then) commands/actions




Color, Brightness, or Pure White Control

Control these with your Alexa or Google Home device or through the Alexa, Google Home, or Smart Life app. Saturation control is also available for colors.

Preset and Custom Scenes

RGB and RGBW controllers have preset color-changing modes (scenes). You can select which colors appear in these scenes and control the speed at which colors change, fade, or flash.

Sound Activation

Use your phone’s microphone to pick up sounds or music, and colors will flash to the beat. This feature is available with the RGB LED controller only.


Conditional Programming

With conditional programming, you can tell your strips what action to perform when certain conditions are met. The Smart Life app includes several conditions, such as weather, temperature, and humidity.

Alexa and Google Home app conditions are more specific but are a bit more user friendly. In the Alexa example below, RGBW strip lights are set to turn orange at 10 percent brightness at 5:45 a.m. (when the sun rises). Incorporate your strips into a set command, such as “Alexa, wake me up,” or “Hey Google, it’s time to party.”  The options are endless with Alexa or Google Assistant.


Scheduling and Timers

Control what time your lights turn on and off or how long they stay on for. You can set schedules and timers in any of the three apps.


Strip Connection

All of these smart LED strip light controllers have plug-and-play DC barrel connectors for CPS power supplies. RGB and RGBW versions have pigtail strip light wire leads that are easy to connect with wire nuts or quick connectors. Female or male barrel connector adapters are available for strip lights or power supplies with pigtail wire leads. The smart LED controllers are compatible with strips that operate on 12-24 VDC.

Single-Color Wi-Fi LED Controller
RGB Wi-Fi LED Controller
RGBW Wi-Fi LED Controller

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