Unilumin unveils a refreshing LED display


Feb 7, 2018: Unilumin, a leading LED application product and integrated solutions provider, officially released a refreshing LED display to international visitors at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018.

Positioned as the necessity of meeting rooms, exhibition halls and shopping malls, this LED smart TV integrates software and hardware together to bring vision to people’s lives. Measuring 4*2 inheight and width, this all-in-one standard LED TV provides a comfortable user experience.

 The new display is rich in content from a cloud server using UNICAST, a self-designed system, and also supports pre-set play sequences and real-time interstitial access. With built-in BOSE sound equipment, wifi and USB connections, the LED TV is easily installed.

“We carried out comprehensive and thorough research on the requirements towards LED displays,especially in meeting rooms, UTVIII was born to solve all problems they mentioned,” says the developer of UTVIII and CEO of Unilumin Australia, Geison Jiao.

Being slim and fashionable, this shining screen drew a lot of attention at ISE and beyond. With 100% image restoration, UTVIII presents a multifarious and colorful “U-picture”, bringing more sense than reality. On account of a wide viewing angle, people standing far away from the display still can feel its charm and beauty without reflections.

The dedicated team that includes everyone from general managers to engineers created it together and delivered on time. As one of Unilumin’s customers Alex Salvatore commented, “It is anticipated that Unilumin will lead the LED industry in the future and we are looking forward to deeper cooperation.”

Source: Unilumin Group

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