Why LED lighting manufacturers do not offer labour warranty


By BizLED Bureau

Aug 22, 2017: LED lighting is getting its popularity as it is supposed to have a long lifespan. As a result, consumers expect the warranties on LED lighting products to cover everything, including cost of labour, materials, etc. Unfortunately, the warranties do not cover all these.

If at all, LED lighting warranties cover labour costs, then they do so for a part of the warranty period, and not the full warranty period. For example, Dexeco’s offers five-year warranty, which covers labour for the first three years. Warranty on Hermin LED product covers labour for just one year.

What are the obstacles

Companies do not cover the labour cost for the full warranty period because of cost factor. Manufacturers do not find it economical to commit to fix faults at consumers’ sites whenever it happens. Another obstacle is expertise—the suppliers do not train people to fix the faults on site. Moreover, many manufacturers do not have a good network of service centers.

Manufacturers have found that due to wrong installation, LED products show faults. Often it is found that problems with LED lighting take place because the products have not been properly installed. Installation issues are impossible for the manufacturers to handle.

Some companies offer labour warranty

However, some companies do offer labour warranty, for example, Australia’s Digilin, which is always ready to rectify issues on site, and has also formalised the commitment. The company says that it believes in its products and by covering all costs under warranty helps them to maintain long-term business relationships with the customers. The company resolves manu issues over the phone.

UK-based Shoplight also offers five-year labour warranty. The company helps the installers as well by prewiring the products.

Lux offers fairer warranties campaign, which calls on lighting suppliers to offer warranties.

Source: Lux

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