Choosing a Desk Lamp


Choosing a Desk Lamp

By Selective Lighting


How to select the best desk lamp for your workspace


Desk lamps can provide you with so much more than task lighting. Yes! You need a desk lamp to help you see comfortably and clearly, but – depending on your choice – a desk lamp can fulfil this practical need AND, at the same time, contribute a lighting layer to your room’s lighting design and make a strong decor statement.

Here’s a list of 5 things to think about when choosing a desk lamp.

  • A desk lamp gives you complete control over task lighting. It is up to you how much light is provided and from which direction it comes. So you can set the perfect light for reading or computer work or whatever task at hand.

  • The size of your desk determines the size of your lamp. Larger desk area need taller lamps with longer arms. Ideally the arm should reach across the length of your desk in order to fully light your work space.

  • Having enough light is important, but having the right kind of light is even more so. Go with a directional beam to avoid glare. LEDs between 5 and 10 watts are perfect! And they use less energy and last longer.

  • Make sure you are able to angle and position your lamp properly: above your head with the beam directed away from your eyes.

  • Then there’s your personal style. Match your desk lamp to your decor to create a stylish task lighting solution. These desk lamps from Selective Lighting will help you do just that!

    Rose Gold Small Multi Angle Desk Lamp

    Gooseneck Satin Desk Lamp with Glass

    Silver Shard LED Desk Lamp with Metal Shade and Arm


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