Program to control sub-standard LED luminaires in European market


By BizLED Bureau

May 15, 2017: The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) in conjunction with European partners will now keep an eye on the industry to maintain quality of LED products, to root out sub-standard LED luminaires, and to stop exaggerated performance claims by lighting companies.

In 2016, a survey of European lighting companies revealed that there was a desperate need to control sub-standard LED luminaires from coming into the market, and to address the issue of compliance.

According to the survey, 94% of companies believe that their national market surveillance authority is insufficient to tackle the compliance problem.

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As a response to this survey, LightingEurope has developed a market surveillance program that is being funded by the industry. The scheme is initially being rolled out in the UK, France, Spain and Poland.

Peter Hunt, President of LightingEurope, said that the biggest concern is the plethora of non-compliant products carrying exaggerated claims appearing on the market.

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He said that to maintain standards and be compliant with a wide range of regulations is costly. As a result, a number of companies are avoiding the cost of compliance in order to sell their products at a cheaper rate and gain a competitive advantage. He is, therefore, coordinating a program that aims to address this problem and help create a level playing field for the industry.

LIA members have been invited to join the scheme, which costs 500 Euros a year. The scheme will allow the members to access information on the products being tested. The funds raised from the members will be spent testing products on the UK market at the LIA Laboratory. LightingEurope will publish its findings annually.

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