Inspiring Bedroom Lighting Solutions


Inspiring Bedroom Lighting Solutions

By Selective Lighting

Finding the right bedroom lighting solution means balancing a wide range of needs for a result that is both practical and beautiful.

Where you put your lights, what kind of lighting you choose, the intensity and colour of your lighting … these will all be determined by your lifestyle choices. Do you prefer a bright and cheerful bedroom, or something mysterious or moody? Do you read physical books or prefer watching movies on a bright screen?

We’ve collected a few diverse solutions for bedroom lighting on the pinboard below. These show off backlighting, layered lighting, and indirect lighting coupled with wall sconces, pendants, and chandeliers in a wide variety of decor styles. Which appeals to you?

If you find a lighting solution that you like, bring the reference picture in to Selective Lighting. We’d love to help you recreate it in your home.


A Collection of Bedroom Lighting Solutions



A New Look at Bedside Lighting


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