Dining Room Lighting – A Few Handy Hints


Dining Room Lighting – A Few Handy Hints

By Selective Lighting

The right dining room lighting solution can make all the difference and the best dining room lighting ideas are thoughtfully planned, taking eating habits, furniture proportions, and budget into consideration.

Pendant lights, chandeliers, flush mounts, sconces, floor lamps … these could all be part of your ideal lighting solution. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

Tips for Dining Room Lighting:

1. Layer lighting using multiple sources of light.


2. Install dimmer switches to set the mood in an instant.


3. Hang multiple fittings above a long table for adequate, even lighting.

4. Centre a pendant fixture over a shorter table for a relaxed feeling.

5. Consider a less traditional fixture – a piece of art!

6. Get the right size fixture for your room.

7. Get the right size fixture for your table.

8. Group a variety of different lights together for an interesting display.

9. Hang fixtures 75 to 90 cm above the table.

10. Consider the features of your room, and don’t block sight lines.

Pop in to Selective Lighting to see what light fixtures we have on our menu. We’d love to chat about your dining space and design the best lighting solution for you.


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