2019 Home trends to watch


Sustainability is much more than a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle that looks to more natural, handmade pieces and organic shapes.

Woven natural fibres such as wicker and rattan in lighting is gaining more and more momentum, as people strive to achieve a light and airy look in their homes. While these textures are coastal inspired, we’re seeing this trend expanding into more than just beach style homes and breathing new life into modern and classic interiors. Simple basket styles have been reimagined into amazing shapes and textures that play on the bohemian element while adding statement style.

If there’s one trend that’s dominating every aspect of life in 2019, it has to be decluttering and the concept of “less is more”. In the past, the minimalist trend has been mistakenly interpreted as being a little cold and stark, but new lighting designs in soft, smokey greys and matte black with brass detailing create a softer palette. The understated nature of the trend sets the tone for an effortless, uncluttered look. While the style is definitely pleasing to the eye, the goal is to choose functional looking items over decorated, fancy ones.

Linear lights are strikingly simple, and the beauty of this look is that it only takes one or two pieces to impact a room with visual drama.

For industrial spaces, floor lamps do best when uncrowded by other furniture items. Table and desk lamps should stand alone as statement pieces as well. Make sure each feature has room to breathe for a simple and bold appearance.

The Hamptons look is the trend that has been on top of the interior design radar for some time and 2019 is going to be no different. Heavily influenced by the stately and grand beach houses in upstate New York, this style is all about a fresh and traditional approach to modern living.

Laidback luxury defines classic Hamptons style and while the look evokes a feeling of relaxation, this year sees it expressed in a more refined and sophisticated way. While the palette embraces cool, coastal charm, oversized lighting pieces in architectural shapes add immediate impact and drama to a room. Look for dark colours and lustrous finishes such as graphite, oil rubbed bronze and antique black paired with glass and natural white.

Lighting is becoming more and more decorative with some fixtures blurring the lines between design and art. This trend is all about a creating a space that evokes a feeling of opulence and glamour, adding formality and modern refinement to traditional style.

The focus is on craftmanship and stunning signature pieces, which elevate the concept of liveable luxury. Think plush furnishings, brass accents, sculptural lines and sensuous curves that create a high-end aesthetic. While Art Deco design celebrates a grand, luxe look, you can introduce elements of the trend with one or two pieces that draw the eye and act as a bold focal point.

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