Lighting, texture and colour with Jenna Densten


In all our renovations, including our not-so-huge (think tiny) cottage, I’ve always adopted the theory that lighting, texture and colour are the three most important design elements to consider if you’re looking to create a feeling of space and continuity.

The Naturals trend
I’ve always been a huge fan of the Naturals trend, as the earthy tones not only set the mood for a relaxed living environment, they also make smaller spaces feel larger. When you’re working with a neutral palette, don’t forget to consider texture in both your lighting and home furnishing choices as this gives the space more depth and prevents it from looking too stark and minimalist.

Wild about weaves
Woven natural fibres such as wicker and rattan are big favourites of mine. Their hand-made quality brings warmth and relaxed luxury to a room, without dominating the space. Beacon’s new Makani and Orme Pendants were the perfect choice as statement lighting in our living room and bedroom because while striking to look at, they didn’t ‘interrupt’ the flow of the space.

I look at table lamps as both ornamental and functional, and the Koralky beaded design with handmade wooden beads was the perfect accessory in this cosy nook.

When you’re styling a multifunctional space, versatility is key. We’ve styled Beacon’s new Equilibrium pendant in our little kitchen/dinette here and its unique pulley system allows us to adjust the light to suit the space – it looks amazing.

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