We’re swimming with real heroes


This year, Beacon is proud to have sponsored a major swim event in the gorgeous bayside suburb of Williamstown, Victoria.

From modest beginnings in 1920 to 2019, the Williamstown Swimming and Lifesaving Club began providing lifesaving services to the local community and they now have close to 1,200 members who enjoy their community facilities and volunteer-run services.

Since 2015, they have had the honour of hosting the Victorian Open Water Championships in conjunction with Swimming Victoria. This major FINA-rated event features national and international superstars of swimming and provides aspiring Victorian athletes a pathway to national and international competitions.

In February, Beacon was riding every wave with them during their 2019 world-class open water event, called the WOW challenge, which along with the Victorian Open Water Championships attracted about 4,000 people to Williamstown.

For more information about the Williamstown S&LSC, visit their website here.

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