Planning Your Lighting for Relaxed Living with Jenna Densten


This blog was written by guest blogger and Design School founder Jenna Densten.

Dreading the winter blues? Many of us experience mood shifts during the colder, darker days of winter – me included! But luckily, we’ve found there are easy ways to boost your spirits with the right lighting.

When Josh and I design any home, we look to create a haven that evokes feelings of softness, warmth and relaxation – styling with the Naturals trend is our perfect antidote to the craziness of the outside world.

Setting the scene
Natural styling using neutral tones is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design scene this year, as is touchable textures and organic shapes. In my eyes, using these colours in combination with the right lighting throughout our home sets the scene for relaxed living. For our most cosy Winter yet, I’ve selected a few new lights for our home that fit our style while keeping us happy and healthy.

The Himalayan salt lamp is a great addition to the Beacon range and one I’m really excited about. Its blush colour suits a Natural home, and the light given off by a pink Himalayan salt lamp closely resembles the warm glow of natural sunshine to relieve some symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Additionally, these lamps have been reported to purify the air, soothe allergies and help you to sleep – yes please! Salt lamps look beautiful on bedside or side tables where they double as stylish decorations.

Lamps that change colour from daylight to warm white such as the Luna are amazing mood boosters and reduce the likelihood eye strain from harsh lighting. The daylight setting encourages you to feel energised when you need to, then when you want to relax, you can simply turn it upside down for serene, warm white lighting. If you’re looking for a larger lamp, see the Terrence, Burke or Tempo lamps – your eyes will thank you!

If you’re looking for a pendant, look no further than the Herman. This light added a beautiful softness to this living room, and while I chose it as a statement piece, the clean design doesn’t interfere with the light output or dominate the space which I love.

Pair the Herman with a smart lighting globe for complete flexibility with the colour temperature; or to make life even easier, create a schedule within the smart lighting app! You can set the system to be brighter in the early evening when you’re finishing up work, cooking dinner and eating, and then slowly dim as you start to relax into the night and prepare for sleep.

Breathe new life into your interior with the Naturals Trend now available in-store or online at Beacon Lighting.

Need help designing your own home with the warmth of neutrals and the right lighting? Visit our Design Studio and our accredited lighting designers will help you create a customised lighting plan for your home. Learn more in-store or online.

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