Smart lighting powers up buyer interest


In this week’s episode of Selling Houses Australia, Shaynna flaunted the power of smart lighting to transform a hippy home into a cool coastal retreat.

The challenge
In order to live a more sustainable lifestyle, yoga loving David and Margie wanted to relocate from their 4-bedroom Central Coast home in Bensville to a smaller house. But the badly renovated kitchen and dated interior was putting off buyers more interested in modern living than good karma! Shaynna and Charlie used all their renovating smarts to create a beautiful, contemporary coastal home.

Facade Before & After

How smart lighting elevates design to a new level
Once you’ve experienced even a taste of what smart lighting can do, you’ll never look back. Besides the endless lighting opportunities it gives you (with up to 60 million colour options in one globe!), it also makes life so much easier and has a huge affect on your general health and well-being by allowing you to switch up the mood of a room to complement your activities.

In order to maximise the selling price, Shaynna replaced the second-hand kitchen with a brand new Scandi-style kitchen to complement the coastal location. While the natural weave in our Herman pendants kept to the naturals theme, installing our smart Mini LIFX globes gave them a high-tech edge.

Kitchen Before & After

Shaynna also got smart in the master bedroom with smart lighting in our Koralky table lamps. The owners were wowed by how easy it is to schedule the lights to turn on in the morning, and gradually dim in the evening as they begin to wind down. Using voice activation or our Lucci Connect app, buyers can now switch from mood lighting to bright lighting in no time at all.

Master Bedroom Before & After

Installing smart lighting has become a real selling point, and as buyers love new technology, it can actually add value to your home.

Styling for liveable luxury
Incorporating organic shapes and textures is easy to replicate in your own home. Our Makani pendant made a stunning statement in the living area, while a collection of white lamps such as our Belle Squat and Neva created a sense of cohesion from room to room.

Dining Room Before & AfterLiving Room Before & After

Bedroom Before & After

Interested in smart lighting but don’t know where to start? Visit us in-store or online at Beacon Lighting, the home of smart lighting and proud suppliers to Selling Houses Australia.

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