Material Science develops blue material for OLED, to break Japanese monopoly


By BizLED Bureau

Jan 23, 2018: South Korean venture company Material Science has developed a blue ‘Dopant’, which it claims, can be mixed with other OLED host materials to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of OLEDs.

Samsung Display and LG Display purchase all blue materials from Japanese chemical company Idemitsu Kosan, which is a leader in the development of blue material for OLEDs. This is because blue material that make up OLED is very difficult to develop. Fluorescent material with low efficiency is used for developing blue material, and in fact, South Korean companies cannot enter markets for blue fluorescent material as Japanese leader Idemitsu Kosan has developed high patent barrier. It has developed blue dopant since 2015 and holds about 30 patents.

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However, with this blue Dopant, Material Science wants to break the monopoly of Idemitsu Kosan on blue fluorescent materials for OLEDs.

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Material Science can now challenge Idemitsu’s patents as it has created novel molecules with a new synthesis method. It has also implemented dark blue materials with low electronegativity. Several panel manufacturers have already evaluated the new compounds. With the aim to become a prominent OLED materials manufacturer, Material Science also wants to develop a blue host for its blue dopant,

Material Science’s sells HTL (Hole transport Layer) and ETL (Electron Transport Layer) materials to Chinese OLED panel manufacturers. The company generated $5.85 million in sales in 2016, and is expected to make $8.86 million in 2017. Material Science is drawing attention to its Dopant as there is lack of OLED material manufacturers in South Korea.

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