Replacement demand rising for aftermaket LED automotive headlights


By BizLED Bureau

Oct 9, 2017: Demand is rising in China for automotive headlights with pluggable LED lighting sources, particularly in China’s car maintenance sector. Observing the demand-rising trends in China, LED giants like Lumileds, Cree and Taiwan-based LED manufacturers are cooperating with China-based makers to provide LED devices to them to be used in making such lighting sources.

Demand for pluggable LED lighting sources for automotive headlights are increasing in aftermarket in China.

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Taiwan-based Genesis Photonics, Edison Opto, and Lextar Electronics are supplying LED devices for China-based aftermarket automotive lighting makers.

Aftermarket maintenance services is expanding in China, with increasing sales of new cars. However, sales growth will slow down over the next few years, sources said. But aftermarket maintenance is in increasing demand.

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