Glamourous lighting styles from The Block


‘Hell Week’ – where contestants had to deliver studies, media rooms, hallways and more – turned out to reveal a lot of heavenly lighting styles. The teams worked with our expert lighting designers to create lighting looks that were in harmony with their space. Here are the highlights from week 12.

Mitch & Mark’s stairway + guest bedroom
Their lighting choice: Our Disk wall lights and Smith table lamps
The verdict: “It’s so sculptural!” That’s what Shaynna said as the three judges’ eyes were drawn upwards to our unique cluster of Disk wall lights embellishing the stairway of their glamorous “Hollywood mansion” like home. Darren and Neale continued to be captivated by them as they made their way up the stairs to the guest bedroom which wowed them with its styling, finesse and colour palette. Our Smith bedside table lamps were the icing on their (stylish) cake!

Deb & Andy’s hallway + study nook
Their lighting choice: Our Byron pendants, Cali track lights and Koralky pendant
The verdict: Neale simply loved our natural “basket weave” Byron pendants which matched the neutral palette of the hallway and highlighted the beautiful runner that gave such a sense of length to the house. The judges were unanimous in their praise for the home office nook. Our Cali track lights along the skylight amplified the light that flooded into the room making them feel like “being in a little room up in the sky”. Bringing the look together was our Koralky chandelier with its thousands of wooden beads which looked resplendent from the top of their stairwell.

Jesse & Mel’s stairwell + media room
Their lighting choice: Our Zenon pendant and Emmerson tension lamp
The verdict: Neale was amazed by our “very impressive chandelier soaring away into the ceiling… the sort of fitting that is synonymous with many luxury developments.” We also thought that it beautifully complemented the glass staircase feature. Up in their media room, our slim Emmerson tension lamp stood tall, lighting up the corner under the skylight. So artistic!

Eli’se & Matt’s stairway + powder room
Their lighting choice: Our Lamode pendant
The verdict: Adding another luxe touch to their already luxurious home was our Lamode pendant in the powder room which created a fine contrast with the dark palette. Needless to say, Darren loved this look.

Coming up next week is the rooftop terrace, garage and re-do room reveals. Check back in on our blog to find inspiring lighting ideas that you can recreate in your own home.

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